Ways To Gamble Online For Real Money

February 21, 2013 |

There are many different ways to gamble online for real money in 2013. The most notable are playing poker and gambling at online casinos. You can also bet on sports, politics, horse races and many other things. Less common forms of online gambling real money include bingo, rummy and binary options. In this post I will focus on the top two forms of online gambling in 2013; poker and casino. I’ve spent many years playing poker online for money. I also have a lot of experience with online casinos. I’m an American so I don’t have a large list of publicly trader gambling companies to choose from. This has made things a little more risky and a little more difficult. Depositing can be a real pain unless you know which gambling sites accept deposit methods you can use. I will go into that and more in this post. I’ll start with poker since I have the most experience in that field.

Real Money Online Poker

Online poker sites offer both free money and real money play. If you just want to play for free you can sign up almost anywhere. Playing for cash may require a little research to find a poker room that accepts players from your location. Online poker real money games are not technically illegal in the USA. The government doesn’t want you to play but the most they do to stop you is to make it more difficult to fund your account. This is true for some other countries as well. Most places have poker friendly laws though. This includes the UK, Australia, Canada, most of Europe and quite a few Asian countries.

Everyone makes some mistakes when they first start playing online poker for money. The first mistake usually comes when you pick a room to play at. Most people just want to start playing, not spending hours researching online poker sites to find out if they are legit, safe and trustworthy. Most people have heard of big rooms like Pokerstars and Party Poker. Choosing a large and popular online poker room is a good start but if you are looking for something unique like 3D poker or webcam poker you will have to keep searching.

You can avoid another costly mistake by setting strict limits on how much money you want to win and lose.

Real Money Online Casino Gambling

Online casinos are a bit different from poker rooms. They don’t have anything to hold them down except for their brand name so you will want to choose a casino that is firmly entrenched. The more they have to lose the better. Surprisingly there have been very few casino scandals but some places do take forever to pay people from certain countries. Real money casino gamblers should also set limits. The fast paced nature of online casino gambling will take time getting used to. You may play 80 hands of Blackjack per hour at your local casino but you can easily play 600+ hands/hour online.

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