UltimatePoker.com 2013 – Regulated US Poker Room

June 8, 2013 |

UltimatePoker.com may only be open to less than 1% of US residents but they are the first regulated US poker room. Ultimate Poker is operated in Nevada and answers to the gaming commission there. Various casinos in Las Vegas have a stake in  this new US poker site in 2013. If you read US poker news site you will likely have heard about UltimatePoker.com. Some of my readers are from Nevada – the gambling mecca in the USA – so I wanted to write a review of UltimatePoker.com that covers banking and other aspects of this 2013 poker site for US players.

UltimatePoker.com Review

With the launch of Ultimate Poker, many US players were excited to see and play at the first US owned and operated legal us poker room in 2013.  Although playing for real money is only available to the residents of Nevada, creating an account and depositing money is available to all US residents.  The requirements that are needed are to be the age of at least 21, and to use a PC only seeing how there is not a MAC version at the present moment.  A cell phone is also on the list of requirements so a verification that the player is in the Nevada area is needed due to the federal law and Nevada interactive gaming regulations that require a player to be a resident of Nevada when they play cash games at Ultimate Poker.  Right now Verizon customers are locked out because Verizon is not a participant in the verification although most other carriers are.

Not from Nevada? Never fear. You can play real money poker at any of the June 2013 US poker sites listed in this poker news story.

The four deposit options at Ultimate Poker are Electronic check/ACH – $10-$300, Bank wire – $500 minimum, Cash deposit at any Station Casino cage – $10 minimum and Check by mail – $10-$500.

In this day and age the credit card is the most used form of deposit.  Poker rooms have and option where you can place your credit card number through the sites bank or deposit links.   All US poker sites accept Visa and/or Master Card.  Ultimate Poker is also a US poker room for Mac in 2013. Using your Visa or Master Card you can also transfer a money deposit using Western Union.  US players that do not have a credit card or choose not to use an ewallet can opt for MoneyGram/Rapid transfer.  Players can visit the MoneyGram website or any listed MoneyGram location and in a few short hours they will be ready to play.  Finally there is the Echeck option.  This choice will deposit money from your bank account to your player account by writing the check electronically online.

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