Sports Betting – What Not To Do When You Bet

December 15, 2012 |

There are some really bad habits that sports bettors pick up and I will be going over a couple of them. When you bet on sports you should use as much common sense as you would if you were investing on the stock market. Investing in Pepsi because you like to drink it makes about as much sense as me betting on the Chicago Bears because I live in Illinois. To be honest I am not much of a sports bettor. I do bet on sports but I am hardly a successful bettor. I do have experience with all forms of gambling and I like to think that I have learned how to avoid making costly mistakes. I’m not qualified to provide picks or tips relating to who to bet on so you if you are looking for that you should check out Learning what not to do when you bet on sports can be as important as learning what to do. For every good sports betting system or formula there are several that are not so good. I will start off with something I touched on earlier – betting on your local or favorite teams.

Practical Betting – Avoid Local Team Fan Betting

I think that every sports bettor has been guilty of this at one time or another. I live in the south suburbs of Chicago so it is almost expected that I would bet on the Chicago Bears or Chicago Bulls. I’m in several football pools each week and almost everyone bets on the Bears, regardless of the spread and who they are playing. If you are a small time bettor and only place bets to make the game more interesting to watch then you can be on whoever you want. If you are betting seriously at an online sports book you should avoid betting on teams or players that you partial too. Biased betting usually results in a loss. You cannot place bets wisely if you are factoring in which team you are a bigger fan of. If your local team happens to be the best bet then all is good but this usually isn’t the case.

If you bet with friend and family members like me you can actually win some decent money by placing “traitor bets”. That is what my buddies call it when I bet against Chicago teams and I am usually the only one doing so. This gives me a huge edge over everyone else.

Practical Betting – Avoid Longshots & Complex Exotics

You can place bets on longshots and complex exotic bets but you should set a strict limit. I generally use around 10% of my weekly betting allowance for these types of bets. I still have a chance to win big but the bulk of my betting bankroll is being used on straight-up bets with coin flip-like odds. Moneyline, pointspread and O/U bets are good examples of these coinflip bets.

Betting on the worst quarterback in the NFL having the best record at the end of the season or placing a 10-team parlay bet may pay off thousands or hundreds to one but you are a sports bettor, not a lotto or slot machine player. I place these types of wagers but many beginners to sports betting tend to use up far too much of their bankrolls on them. 5%-10% is much more practical.

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