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November 18, 2012 |

Some slot machines have skill-based side games that do require some skill and strategies but in this post I will be discussing traditional slots. It is a sad but true fact that there is no known strategy for winning the slot machine.   There is no way that a player can predict what the spin of the machine will bring.  Although some folks will swear that they have a surefire slot machine strategy, this cannot be possible, and they are either being delusional or are just trying to impress or fool you. However, there are certain guidelines that you can follow that might help improve your odds of beating the slot machine. Let’s take a look at some of these options.

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To begin with the first thing you should do is understand the game you are playing.  Read the rules and legends printed on the machine as no two slot machines are exactly alike; they all have their own unique system of rules and jackpot payouts.  Although some slot machines may look quite familiar to you, don’t be fooled, you should still read the legends printed on each machine before you start feeding those coins in the machine.

Most importantly before you even consider playing the slot machine, you need to have some sort of plan in place. First set a limit to the amount of cash you are willing to gamble or more importantly that you can afford to gamble, without dipping into your grocery money, or worse yet, having to mortgage the house. Once you have decided on your budget, stick to the plan, no matter how tempting the situation might be.  Casinos are very good at taking your money from right under your nose.    Next step is to set a limit to the amount of spins without any hits.  Limits should be between three and four spins max.    Some machines are just not generous when it comes to payouts, so if you find that after the third or fourth spin, you haven’t received any hits, don’t bother wasting your time and money on that machine, try another machine.   Look for machines that offer the highest payout percentages.   If a machine is not paying out regularly it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to hit the jackpot anytime soon.  Remember each spin is randomly generated by a computer program and is totally independent of each other.

If you ever find yourself sitting at a slot machine that owes you money, just stay put, don’t leave that seat.    This might seem too obvious but there have been cases when this was not the case. Sometimes a slot machine might run out of cash before you have finished collecting your winnings. Just stay right there and wait for a casino attendant to come to your aid. Never feed the machine more coins until you have collected your money. Should you continue to play this could result in all evidence of your unfinished payout being erased.

Your comp card should be working at all times. It is your duty to ensure that it is working and that you can use it every time you play the slot machines. With comp cards you are able to accumulate points and receive fantastic free gifts without any personal risk or loss whatsoever.  Every now and then a slot machine can temporarily lose its connection to your comp card. Do periodic checks to ensure that your comp card is working and your points are accumulating.

There are lots of theories about how one can win at slot machines; Well there is yet to be someone who has won the big jackpot because of a surefire winning slot machine strategy.  The truth is winning the jackpot is just a matter of luck, it is totally random, you never know what the outcome of the spin is going to be.  Just remember that next time you sit down at your favorite slot machine. Should you find yourself getting frustrated or annoyed with a particular slot machine, you can do two things, either move on to another slot machine or stop playing all together. You can always come back tomorrow. After all playing the slot machine is supposed to be a fun game, so start having some fun playing your favorite slot machine.

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