Slot Machine Odds & Payouts

December 5, 2012 |

This is the 3rd article in our slot machine series and it is about slot machine odds and payouts. Calculating the odds of a modern day slot machine is not as easy as it used to be in the good old days when slot machines were mechanically operated. Long ago one could simply calculate any slot machine’s odds by counting up the number of symbols on the reel. Take for example a three reel slot machine with nine symbols and a single play line as our example. The calculations would be nine multiplied by nine multiplied by nine which gives you a total of seven hundred and twenty nine, possible winning combinations in any given spin. The odds of you hitting the jackpot are one in seven hundred and twenty nine. These day things have certainly changed since then.   In today’s modern world everything is becoming computerized, including the way slot machines operate. Modern slot machines are now programmed with a computer chip that generates combinations and payback percentages in accordance with the casinos, by randomly selected numbers. The old method of calculation the odds based on reels and symbols no longer applies.

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The final result of the reels and combinations of each spin are totally dependent on those randomly selected numbers generated by the computer program. These computer programs are do not have any specific instruction on when to payout a jackpot, so don’t hold your breath on hitting the jackpot anytime soon.  Over time the machine will accumulate a certain amount of payback percentage, as set out by the casinos. As a result of this new system it would be pointless for anyone to try and calculate the odds of any slot machine, unless of course they had some inside information as to what the payback percentage was. The payback percentage of any given slot machine is totally dependent on the particular casino and has nothing to do with the particular type of machine.

All slots machines have their legends printed on them which include rules of the game and possible strategies to follow to help even your chances of beating the machine, and the relevant payout information.  The higher denomination machines offer the highest payback percentage. The reason behind this strategy is that the casino can afford to use a smaller portion of the wagers from these higher paying slot machines to create the same amount of profit as the lower denomination slot machines. The more popular casinos usually offer higher slot machine payout percentages, because they have a larger amount of customers than the smaller casinos.

It makes no difference which slot machine you choose to play the fact is your odds can never be more that one hundred percent.  Some slot machines offer a payback of ninety nine percent while others offer a payback of seventy percent.  If you want to find the really high paying slot machines you will have to try as many machines as possible and you will eventually come across one that pays on a regular basis, these are called ‘loose machines’. Once you find a high paying slot machine you should keep on playing that same machine until you stop receiving any more hits. No one can predict how a slot machine is going to behave on any given day, you might receive a lot of hits on a particular day and the next day when you play on that same machine you might not receive a single hit. In a regular brick and mortar casinos the chances of winning the big jackpot are usually around five hundred thousand to one. If you were to hit one of these jackpots you would certainly have to think of yourself as one very lucky player.

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