Cool Games At The William Hill Casino

January 22, 2013 |

Few online casinos can compete with the casino at William Hill. As one of Europe’s leading Internet gaming companies they can afford to develop new casino games. When you visit the William Hill casino online you will notice right away that they are much larger than other casinos. The progressive jackpots add up to just under £5,000,000. It would take a dozen average casinos to come close to this. William Hill’s casino includes well over 100 games and several are available nowhere else. William Hill uses a customized version of the Playtech casino platform. Hundreds of online casinos use this software and it has won many awards. It is also one of the most tested casino software so you are guaranteed fair odds.

Every single month a company called TST tests William Hill’s casino to find the payout percentages. They are one of the few companies that allow TST to publish the results. The payout percentages at William Hill are actually better than what you would find at a standard brick and mortar casino. Here is an overview of a few of them:

  • Video poker – 99.29%
  • Table games – 96.84%
  • Slot machines – 94.10%

I’ve been working in the online gambling field for nearly a decade and I have attest that the odds at this casino are much better than my local casino and 99% of the online casinos I have played at over the years. You can view these statistics yourself by visiting William Hill and looking for the TST seal towards the bottom of their homepage. It is to the right of the deposit method images that scroll from right to left.

The actual casino contains all of the major table, slot and video poker games. William Hill has spiced some of these casino games up by adding side bets and changing the payouts in video poker in a way that favors the player. Most think that Blackjack has the best odds but at William Hill you are better off playing video poker, unless you can play Blackjack perfectly.

The most dynamic type of game at this casino are the slot games. They are regularly being updated so you will have something new to learn and play. Most of the progressive jackpots are associated with William Hill’s slot games but there are a few for the table games and video poker games.

The software uses HD quality graphics and there are many ways you can customize your experience at William Hill. This covers everything from changing the speed that the cards are dealt to the auto-spin feature on slot games.


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