Best Online Casino Information In 2013

January 20, 2013 |

With hundreds of thousands of online casino guides online in 2013 it can be difficult to find a trustworthy source for information. The first few results on a Google or Yahoo search are not always the best resources for online casinos. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t take everything you read at face value. Most online casino guides are paid every time someone signs up at a particular casino. This is not always the case though. Click here for information about a casino guide that only works with the best online casinos in 2013. Sites like that do not feature questionable casinos, the only work with the best. You can verify this by actually looking at their casino list.

They are all well established casinos and have excellent reputations. Not all informational casino sites take this approach though. Many will promote new, untested casinos because they can earn a lot of money doing so. A new casino has to offer a lot of money to get casino affiliates to list them on their web sites. Sometimes this works out just fine but when things go wrong they really go wrong.

To find out if the casino guide you are reading is trustworthy you can research the authors of the content. For instance, find the Google + profile for the author, like this Mike Buchanan Google+ Profile. After researching both the author and the information published the on web site you can get a solid picture of the trustworthiness of the web site.

If an informational casino guide offers rules and strategy for games like Blackjack, Craps and Caribbean Stud you may be able to spot inaccurate content at a glance. If they are giving bad advice on Blackjack strategy it is probably safe to assume that they are giving bad advice on which casinos are safe.

You will have to know a bit about casino game strategy and rules. If a casino guide tells you to split a pair of 4′s against a 10 showing for the dealer it is a sure sign that the article was written by someone who doesn’t know much about Blackjack. If their casino game strategy articles were written by someone with no useful knowledge on the subject you can assume that their online casino reviews are the same.

If a casino review has a lot of promotional language you should not believe everything you read. No online casino is perfect in every way so an unbiased casino review will include a few negative things. An online casino might be perfect in every way except for slow, incompetent support. This is the type of thing you want to read in a review because it tells you that the casino guide you are visiting does not only publish information with the sole objective of getting you to sign up at the casino so they can earn a commission.

A few other things you can look for is the age of the informational casino site. Not all old, established online casino guides are safe but they tend to be better than new casino guides.

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