3D Slots – The New Generation Of Slot Machines

December 12, 2012 |

3D slots and classic slot machines have very little in common these days. The technology behind 3D slot machines is constantly improving while standard slot machines stay the same year after year. I’m not saying that 3-reel, 1 payline slot games do not have a place at an online or brick and mortar casino but if you are looking for something different I would check out the new generation of slot machines. 3D is making a big comeback these days. Many of today’s movies are being produced in 3D and casinos are using these technological advances to improve their slot machine games. I suspect that most new slot games will be 3D in the not too distant future. Visit 3dslots.net to view a  list of the best 3D slot games available online right now. I will be reviewing these hi-tech casino games in this post.

3D slots are not like regular slot games for several reasons, not just because of the high quality graphics. If you visit an online casino and look at the non-3D slot machines you will probably notice that there are no real differences between many of them. Many slot games have the same payout table and the only real difference is the theme and symbols.

This doesn’t generally happen with 3D slots because it takes a lot of money to design and develop each game. The effort it would take to simply alter the theme is only a little less than what it would take to develop an entirely new slot game from scratch. Players like variety so solid casinos typically launch new 3D slot games on a regular basis.

3D Slot Games – The Skill Factor

Traditional slot machines are completely based on luck but some of the newer 3D slots actually require some skill. Obviously it doesn’t take any skill to hit the spin button but I’ve seen machines that have bonus games where skill becomes a factor. Some of these bonus games are similar to video games that require hand-eye coordination and/or memory.

3D Slots – My Only Complaint

My only complaint about 3D slot machines is that many of them have a massive amount of paylines. It can be very costly to bet the maximum at any of these machines. The thought of not betting on every payline just doesn’t sit right with me, for any slot game. I always feel like I’m making a mistake when I do that. It is kind of like only betting four credits on a video poker game. It will only make a difference if you catch a Royal Flush but that is beside the point.

By having so many paylines these 3D slots are too expensive for some players. I generally have to bet a penny per line and have mistakenly bet $10-$20 on a single spin before.

3D Slot Machine Tips

Since skill may be a factor in some 3D slot games and because the paytables are so complex I strongly suggest practicing for fun money much more than you normally would for a different slot. For this reason I will also suggest sticking to the same 3D slot game since it takes a lot of practice to truly understand the game and get better at any possible bonus games. I love playing these 3D slots for fun when I don’t have the cash to gamble because practicing is almost as much fun as playing for real money.

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